1.) What's Book Love?

While I was working at a photo studio, taking portraits of hundreds of people a week, I started wanting to create my personal portrait project.  It needed to be a bit different than what I was doing at work - I desired more than a simple headshot, so why not include something that showed a bit more insight into the subject's personality?  Perhaps subconsciously inspired by the first shoot I ever did as a model, where I brought a favourite book as a prop, I started photographing people alongside their own favourite books.  It adds a dimension of the personality not immediately obvious upon looking at a book, and invites a conversation about reading and book-loving.  If it's not obvious already, I've been a life-long book lover and I enjoy meeting new people, so Book Love kind of combines a few different things I adore. 

Book Love is a non-commercial project. I don't take the photos with an intent to monetize them.  My experiences as a model have left me with very strong feelings regarding payment for use of imagery.  My end goal for Book Love is to have the photos displayed in a gallery or library, with physical copies of the books displayed alongside the images, but I'm not yet sure how to make this happen. 

2.) What's a Book Love shoot like? 

before the shoot:

  • choose your favourite book! this can be difficult, but it's better if you can resist the urge to bring half your library along.  The photos turn out better if we are working with only a few titles. 
  • write a short note about why you love each book ( 1-5 lines is great).  It doesn't have to be anything formal, although it will be displayed online alongside your photo.  Check out the Book Love photo page for examples of other people's notes. 

during the shoot:

  • wear anything you like, but the best choices are something you feel comfortable & confident in.  Feel free to dress in a costume or theme that relates to the book.  Props are welcome too!  The photos don't have to be serious and if there's a way you want to personalise the image, let's try it out!
  • usually, we will meet at a coffee shop, park, or other location, although I occasionally take photos in people's homes as well.   Because I'm often photographing strangers, I like to start off by chatting over a cup of tea and get to know you better before we start taking photos.  It helps me to learn about you as a person, and helps you to get comfortable before you have your photo taken. 
  • you will sign a brief release form, which allows me to use your image.  
  • the shoot, including our chat, usually lasts 1-2 hours.  We can definitely do it in a rush moment, but it's the most enjoyable and creative when we give it more time.  

after the shoot:

  • you will get approximately 5 web-sized images.  I can also provide print-sized images upon request.  You will usually receive the final images within two weeks of a shoot, although sometimes it may take up to a month if I'm very busy. 
  • the photos are yours to use anywhere you'd like (social media, your blog, to print out), but please credit me when you use them online. 
  • tell your friends! I'm always looking for more people to photograph.

3.) How can I participate? Are you looking for more people to photograph?

Fill out the form below! This project has no end date, and people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. No modelling experience is necessary.  If you'd like to be photographed along with friends, family, romantic partner, or pet, that's fine too!