Hi, I'm Arinn!

I'm a person who loves making art.  My primary expressions are in illustration and photography, but I've meandered through other art disciplines to get here: I spent years sewing tiny, intricate designs, drawing dumb comics, and working as a florist, and all those things have come together into what I do today.  Apart from creating art, I'm deeply interested in the natural world around me - from basic biology to evolution, genetics, plant physiology, and geology - and the way humans have interacted with it since the beginning of our history.  This interest is reflected in my illustration work.  I'm also inspired by folkloric traditions, spooky stuff, the places I've traveled, and the people I love.  

In my photography, I love intimate and vulnerable portraits, ranging from simple setups to elaborate, staged, and glamourous sets..  I have two current long-form projects.  One, 'book love', aims for a compassionate portrait of a person and their favourite book(s).  The other is a self-portrait project.  I have photographed myself daily since March 21, 2011, and the highlights of this series are collected here.  

As far as my illustration goes, my inspiration mainly comes from nature.  I love drawing birds' wings, tiny jointed legs of beetles,  the curls of petals, wispy little ghosts, and also humans (what a wide and lovely variety of beings).  

I also love drawing ghosts so much that I'm teaming up with my friend Brian Clement for a new comic called Ghost Cats.  Follow the link to read it: Ghost Cats!

To contact me, for photography or illustration projects, use the form below.  

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