Watercolour Pinups

Watercolour Pinups is an ongoing collaborative art project between Arinn Westendorf (that's me!) and Marlo Johnson (www.marloland.com).

The first facet of this project is a series of watercolour illustrations based on found Instagram photos (used with permisson), which will be posted once per day for a year at watercolourpinups.instagram.com. Models are selected for their positivity, confidence, and sense of individuality. Arinn then draws each piece in archival ink on 5"x5" squares of hand-torn Arches watercolour paper, and Marlo completes them with watercolour paint. 

The second facet is a series of larger pieces using imagined models, designed by Arinn, that embody the same qualities of unique positivity. These are posted on our blog at watercolourpinups.tumblr.com and for sale on leavesandlight.etsy.com to help fund this project. Your support is appreciated!

Our aim is to complete a series of work that is inclusive of anyone who wishes to participate, and celebrates all bodies equally. We believe that no body and no type of beauty is invalid or less than. 

Everyone is beautiful. 



Our feed of daily images. Follow us at instagram.com/watercolourpinups!

Original Series

6"x6" to 8"x8" on cold pressed watercolour paper. For sale at leavesandlight.etsy.com. Please contact Arinn to inquire about custom work.